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Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) is the only Canadian publicly traded company in the funeral services industry. Since 2011, the company has embarked on a period of impressive growth, expansion and strategic positioning in the market. Through a series of acquisitions and partnerships Park Lawn has expanded to become the fastest growing player in the industry, with operations across Canada and the United States.

PLC provides goods and services associated with the disposition and memorialization of human remains. Products and services are sold on a pre-planned basis (pre-need) or at the time of a death (at-need). PLC and its subsidiaries own and operate businesses including cemeteries, crematoria, funeral homes, chapels, planning offices and a transfer service.

The management team at PLC is focused on growing its business along three lines:

  • Expanding organically by investing in new infrastructure – both the buildout of new locations as well as new inventory.
  • Improving operating margins within the different business units.
  • Completing strategic acquisitions in new and existing markets.
Laurel Grove Cemetery | Totowa, NJ

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