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At Park Lawn, our operational philosophy is modeled after what the most successful owners of funeral home and cemeteries have done for decades: create a strong culture at the business where each employee is personally committed to serving the families in their community at a very high level. Every owner is keenly aware that their success is intertwined with their local community. They have spent a lot of time, sometimes generations, ascertaining the local needs and wants of the community and then serving them.

The only way this culture is created and cultivated is to empower the leadership in each business to make the key business decisions in that business . . . just like an owner would. Every business manager is supported by an operational leader who lives in their market and meets with families in their market . . . just like an owner would. PLC’s talented, highly-experienced senior leadership’s sole purpose is to provide these community leaders and employees the resources, tools and support necessary to make the correct decisions in serving the families in their community.

Admittedly, it is not unique to have a company purport to have a decentralized management structure; however, it is unique for a company to actually do it. Informed owners in the industry know the difference.

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